HEC Montréal, Canada, 6 - 8 mai 2013

Journées de l'optimisation 2013

HEC Montréal, Canada, 6 — 8 mai 2013

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TB7 Énergie et environnement IV / Energy and Environment IV

7 mai 2013 15h30 – 17h10

Salle: Hélène-Desmarais

Présidée par Roman Cada

3 présentations

  • 15h30 - 15h55

    A Model System for Household Vehicle Holding, Type and Usage: A Continuous Probit Approach

    • Cinzia Cirillo, University of Maryland
    • Yangwen Liu, University of Maryland
    • Jean-Michel Tremblay, prés., University of Maryland

    This paper proposes a joint discrete-continuous model to estimate household choices on vehicle holding, type and usage. The model is estimated using the 2009 US National Household Travel Survey and a secondary dataset on vehicle characteristics. The discrete components are respectively, multinomial probit for vehicle holding and multinomial logit for the vehicle type/vintage sub-models. A flexible estimation approach with unrestricted correlation between the discrete and the continuous parts is proposed to estimate the joint discrete continuous models. The estimated model contains a number of policy variable that can be applied to predict changes in the household decisions on vehicle holding and miles driven, in response to the evolution of social societies, living environment and transportation policies.

  • 15h55 - 16h20

    ANNULÉE/CANCELLED: The Integration of Power as a Criteria in Decision-Making Processes to Improve Integrated Water Resources Management Implementation Over Shared Watershed

    • Lylia Khennache, prés., McGill University

    This research suggests how the assessment of power variables involved the informal interactions between the riparian countries over a watershed could improve the applicability of integrated water resources management framework and further on, features preferred policies that would improve the legitimacy of the watershed institution and the collaborative effort of countries sharing the watershed.

  • 16h20 - 16h45

    Parallelization of Multi-Cycle Loading Design for Nuclear Reactors

    • Roman Cada, prés., University of West Bohemia

    Optimization of loadings in reactors is a task of nonlinear combinatorial optimization. It is possible to parallelize optimization of every cycle, but also to use a parallel "preprocessor" phase for estimating parameters of next cycle to speed-up optimization. We present a mathematical background and also several results of a new code tau-Athena.